Delicious coffee. 
 Instant delight.

Inspired by the 1990s coffee culture of Seoul, KimlyParc is a fresh twist on Korean instant coffee. Skip your next trip to the coffee shop with a cup of KimlyParc.

  • Crystalized coffee

    Our Vietnamese Robusta coffee is freeze-dried to maintain taste and aroma — a treat for your senses. When blended into our latte, the bold flavor is delightfully smooth.

  • Vegan creamer

    Made with coconut oil, our vegan creamer is free from dairy, lactose, and other milk derivatives, perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer to avoid dairy products.

  • Organic unrefined raw cane sugar

    We believe in using natural and minimally processed ingredients. Our choice of sugar retains more natural nutrients and provides the perfect amount of sweetness.

  • Himalayan pink salt

    Natural Himalayan pink salt adds a subtle depth and complexity to your latte, without the need for artificial flavors or additives.

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90s coffee culture, reimagined

KimlyParc was founded by two friends inspired to reinvent the Korean instant coffee they remembered from their childhood in 1990s Seoul.


Enjoy a taste of Seoul in every sip

Life in Seoul is fast-paced, exciting, and full of surprises. 
Add a little Seoul to your life with a cup of KimlyParc.