KimlyParc Promise: Always Vegan, Always Delicious

We're thrilled to shed some light on an aspect of our brand that has always been a part of our core values but perhaps hasn't been highlighted enough.

Our beloved instant coffee is 100% vegan.

Yes, you read it right! Since day one, every single cup of KimlyParc instant coffee has been free from any animal-derived ingredients. 

One may ask, "Aren't all coffee vegan as it comes from coffee beans?"

You are both right and wrong. 

In many instant coffees on the market, casein, a protein found in milk, is used to achieve that creamy texture and taste. However, we chose a different path. We understood early on that casein was not suitable for those following vegan diets or those who are lactose intolerant. 

Our mission being inclusive and becoming everyone’s coffee of choice, instead of relying on dairy-based ingredients like casein for creaminess, we've perfected our unique blend using plant-based alternatives. Our efforts ensure that every cup offers the perfect balance between rich flavor and creamy texture without having to compromise on dietary preferences or lifestyle choices. 

Moreover, by choosing plant-based ingredients over animal-derived ones, we've ensured our production process aligns with sustainable practices as well. 

As always, we remain committed to delivering excellent taste while embracing inclusivity—one delicious cup at a time.


The following are our core ingredients: crystalized coffee, vegan creamer, organic unrefined cane sugar, and Himalayan pink salt. 


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