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Rising Korean Beverage Stars you prolly have never tried before: Day and Night

Rising Korean Beverage Stars you prolly have never tried before: Day and Night

Annyong everyone! 

Tired of old, lame, already heard of beverage brands and wish to try out something new? We’ve got you covered! 

We’ve come together and curated some of the top rising Korea rooted or Korea culture inspired beverage brands that are selling exclusively in the United States.

We’ve selected two beverage brands to energize and boost your day as well as included two more brands that can make your night more exciting and refreshing.

Please note: This list includes brands and products we have tried and can guarantee their taste and quality. However, our team may earn a commission on purchases through these links.

The Morning Energizers: Essential Morning Beverages to get your day started!

1. Halmi

Halmi is a loving nickname for halmoni, which means grandma in Korean. Korean grandmas wake up early in the morning. Not just early, SUPER EARLY at like 4am to start off their days. Halmi as a brand tries to recreate the traditional Korean flavors of Korea's beloved SuJeongGwa: a sweetened sparkling ginger cinnamon punch that helps people with digestion and provides a heartwarming sensation. Halmi’s special recipe of adding the jujube and persimmon adds a spoonful of warmth and traditional quality. This is their unique version of a healthier, lighter ginger ale. You would definitely wanna try this exhilarating drink out. Very fresh and refreshing!

2. KimlyParc

What do Koreans drink on a daily basis? It is not a secret that coffee runs through Koreans’ veins. Koreans crave caffeine and they even say they ‘need’ a caffeine rush. KimlyParc is an instant coffee mix brand named after the three most common Korean last names: Kim, Lee, and Park showing its inclusivity and affection for instant coffee and Korean culture and lifestyle.

The team have reimagined and reinvented themselves a cup of 90s Korean instant coffee just like how they remembered their first sweet, delicious, and energizing experience. KimlyParc truly captures the essence of that nostalgic and convenient instant coffee mix. WIth ease, you can enjoy a cup of instant delight from Seoul, with love. WIth a packet of KimlyParc, there is no need to search for nearby cafes or coffee shops anymore. Also, you can also be your own barista with one of their instant coffee packets. It’s extremely convenient to carry around and to make. Have a go and boost yourself up with their lightening-tatted pony!

The Perfect Nightcap: End the night right with that right can!


You might be wondering what SOOL stands for. Actually, SOOL means alcohol in Korean. SOOL was launched after its CEO could not find any satisfying Makgeolli options back in the States. As a Korean-American working in the alcohol industry, she decided to start her own alcohol business. Their two product lines consist of Makku and Soku, which are names inspired respectively from traditional Korean alcohols Makgeolli and Soju. Having launched America’s first Craft Makgeolli and first Soju Sparkling Cocktail, SOOL provides a variety of different flavors catered to its customers. What makes SOOL stand out isn't just their tasty mixes, but their commitment to responsible drinking by offering low alcohol drinks without skimping on flavor. Easy drink for everyone to give it a try.

2. Jumo

When night falls in NYC, it’s time for our second brand to shine. Say goodbye to plain old soju shots. Jumo is the perfect cocktail mix for both partying and before bed! Jumo takes traditional soju and infuses it with natural flavors like yuzu citrus, perilla leaf, asian pear, and peach to create ready-to-drink cocktails that are both delicious and convenient. It can be like the classic Moscow Mule or Peach Crush that we all know how it tastes like but with an unmistakably Korean Taekwondo kick to it!

Ride Along the Korean Wave!

So there you have it. Four amazing beverage brands straight outta Korean bloods shaking things up! Whether you’re looking for an energizing morning boost from Halmi and KimlyParc or seeking chill vibes at night with SOOL and JUMO – these brands have got you covered!

These rising stars represent more than just innovation; they show how Koreans take traditional beverages and turn them into something totally fresh and new while staying true and constantly connecting back to their roots.

So why not give these game-changers a try? You might just find yourself having a crush with the unique taste of Seoul Brew or enjoying the cool blend of flavors in a Seoul Mule!