Daily Korean: Iced Americano (Ah-Ah)

Hey, it’s KimlyParc bringing you the Daily Korean(coffee edition)! 

And today we are here to introduce you to a Korean coffee-slang you might want to use to your friends (or maybe Korean Coffee Shops)!


Our first word on the list is 아아 (Ah-Ah), a shortened version of Ah-ced Ah-mericano. 

It’s an abbreviation of Iced Americano / 아이스 아메리카노 / a-i-seu-a-me-ri-ka-no.

Why are Korean people so obsessed with coffee, especially Iced Americano so much? 

There are two main reasons for this. 

First reason is because Koreans use Iced Americano as some sort of energy drink. They consider coffee as a labor drink and without it, many cannot focus or concentrate on their work. Drinking Iced Americano can keep you awake while it is impossible for you to drink hot coffee while working (it will burn your tongue). 

Secondly, Koreans love drinking Iced Americano because there are so many occasions when they get mad and need  little cooling-down sessions. 

We’ll now show you something a little more advanced.

For instance, it’s freezing outside, you and your friends are walking down the street and suddenly you are craving for a cup of iced americano. Your friends all find you weird, but you don’t really care what they have to say unless you get that cup of Iced Americano even if you Freeze to Death (IAFD) . 

So, how do we say this in Korean?

얼죽아 (IAFD / eol-juk-ah)

It’s a shortened for 얼어 죽어도 아이스 아메리카노 (eol-uh-juk-uh-do a-i-seu-a-me-ri-ka-no)

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