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Meet KimlyParc Founders: Chae and YJ

Meet KimlyParc Founders: Chae and YJ

Today we're taking a step back from our usual coffee-related chatters to share KimlyParc’s founding story.



If you have ever wondered about the brains behind KimlyParc, let us introduce you to Chae and YJ - the duo who turned their passion for coffee into a thriving business. Not just any business, but one that caters to everyone, including vegan and lactose intolerant coffee lovers.

Growing up in Korea, Chae and YJ were inseparable – much like their bond with coffee. They fondly remember how their day would start and end with a cup of this magical brew. Coffee was not just a beverage for them but an integral part of their daily life.

However, as they grew older and life became busier, they found themselves yearning for something simpler yet tasty when brewing an entire pot seemed like too much work. Inspired from the 90s Korean instant coffee, their quest led them down various paths as they experimented with countless brewing methods and recipes.

Despite their relentless efforts though, nothing quite hit the mark. Nothing could capture that rich and deep flavor they craved. It was about finding something that didn't compromise on taste or quality despite being instant.

With their shared love for coffee, Chae and YJ embarked on an ambitious journey to create an instant coffee blend that didn't just meet expectations but exceeded them - one which captured all those notes and nuances characteristic of a creamy Korean latte. And so began countless nights of trials, relentless testing until finally...KimlyParc was born!



Reimagined and recreated. Specifically tailored to our new generation, who are largely health conscious, KimlyParc proudly launched its first product: a convenient high-quality lovable Korean instant coffee. 

Chae and YJ hopes KimlyParc to become not just an ordinary beverage brand, but a brand that introduces the taste and culture of Korea where everyone can enjoy everywhere at anytime.  

What sets KimlyParc apart from other instant coffees is in its inclusivity. From the beginning, Chae and YJ were determined to make sure nobody felt left out when it came to enjoying great-tasting coffee. So whether you're vegan or lactose intolerant or simply someone looking for healthier alternatives without compromising on taste – there’s a cup of KimlyParc waiting for you!

Stay tuned as we continue exploring more stories behind your favorite Korean instant coffee brand, KimlyParc. Until then...happy sipping.